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Monthly class in Portland, OR
EFT for Veteran Chronic Pain and Stress
All are welcome:  RSVP to 503-281-0195 or for specific address.

Upcoming Classes:
Sat  May 10, 2014  10:00 am - 1:00 pm

FREE EFT for Veterans with Chronic Pain and Stress  through 

The Veterans Stress Project.

I am a Coach for The Veterans Stress Project which provides free EFT in to Vets w/ stress in a controlled, clinical trial.    I'm also one of many Stress Project Volunteers who provides FREE EFT to Veterans regardless of whether or not they participate in the trial.  Contact me for information or see the tab on PTSD.

Clinical trials show over 85% of Veterans with high PTSD scores are free of PTSD symptoms after six free EFT sessions and remain PTSD free on follow-up.    Watch one of the most educational, life-changing videos of Veterans receiving EFT:

My name is Marilyn McWilliams,  EFT Practitioner.   I practiced NLP and client centered hypnotherapy with excellent results since the '80's. 
I originally certified through EFT's founder Gary Craig and since the mid-2000's I've used EFT (Meridian Tapping) as my primary modality because, even as effective as the other modalities are, I find that Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) runs circles around them in several critical areas:

Results:    EFT works well on almost anything with an emotional component, including most pains and fears.

Simplicity:    EFT is easy to learn.

Accessibility:   EFT can effectively be provided and taught over Skype.    EFT can be applied effectively one-on-one or in groups.  EFT can be done in public places.

Client control:  The client is in complete control of the process.  This is especially important in working with PTSD.


In a sense, almost all problems are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   When our systems suffer some trauma which we are not able to process at the time, the memory may remain "disordered,"  and itself be the trigger for repetitive re-traumatization.   Usually, just a few EFT sessions convert the disordered memory into a healthy, ordered memory which causes no re-traumatization.  

"Try it on Everything"

Most of what we perceive as "problems"  have an emotional component, whether they be painful, negative emotions or physical symptoms.  This becomes startlingly clear when something as apparently "physical" as a long-standing pain disappears in one session.

I invite you to learn about EFT on this site and on the various links I've provided.   I look forward to speaking with you and helping you learn to use EFT for daily miracles in your life.

Marilyn McWilliams  

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